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Homecoming Is 4 Weeks Away … Are You Coming Home?

Homecoming Is 4 Weeks Away … Are You Coming Home?As Coach Franklin ushers in a new chapter of PSU football this fall, we invite you back to Beta Gamma at Penn State to be part of it. With Homecoming only four weeks away, we have started making plans for the weekend (Sept. 26-28). We'll be sharing more details in the next few weeks. But be sure to include Phi Kappa Theta in your return to Happy Valley for this matchup against Northwestern.

Chapter Welcomes New Executive Board

On August 24, our undergraduate chapter announced the names of their 2014-15 Executive Board. Congratulations to Peter Lerario (President), Zach Panos (Vice President), John Marchetti (Secretary), Adam Armendinger (Treasurer) and Andrew Wright (Standards Controller). Look for more information on the executive board in our future communications.

Want to Give Us a Piece of Your Mind?

Want to Give Us a Piece of Your Mind?Are there times when you wish someone would ask you what you think? Well, now is your chance. We are conducting a survey so you can tell us what you want as a fraternity man from Phi Kappa Theta Penn State. Of those who have responded, 80% said they had an "Excellent" experience. And many of them are eager to participate in our Homecoming festivities. What about you? Click below to give us your answers.

Read more: Want to Give Us a Piece of Your Mind?

8 Tips for Your Return to Happy Valley This Fall!

8 Tips for Your Return to Happy Valley This Fall!The countdown is on for the 2014 Penn State football season with kickoff just a few short weeks away! That hopefully means your return trip to Happy Valley is around the corner! Whether you went to Penn State when the Skeller still had Ponies or could participate in the Phi Psi 500, there is something we can all agree on: It's great to be home. Click below to see the checklist of things to watch for when you come back to Happy Valley this fall!

Read more: 8 Tips for Your Return to Happy Valley This Fall!

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